Welcome Our Newest Firehouse Yoga Teacher!

Nico headshot


We’re pleased to announce that a new teacher has joined the Firehouse Yoga community! Please join us in welcoming Nicole Tuzzio-Rheinberger!

Nicole curiously took her first yoga classes 15 years ago as college credit. Nicole is a 2015 graduate of Pink Lotus Yoga’s teacher training program. She credits Marcia Camino for giving her a solid foundation to build her teachings on and for invoking in her an interest of yoga history and philosophy. Nicole loves incorporating movement on the mat with breathwork, meditation and Indian and Chinese energy anatomy. She believes the best way she can serve her students is by maintaining the curiosity that brought her to yoga to begin with, always learning and always a student herself.

She will be teaching Vinyasa at The Firehouse at 9:00 on Sunday mornings, beginning on July 30th. BUT, if you’d like to get to know Nicole before that, she leads a practice with Moon Over Cleveland Yoga on Friday evenings at Edgewater Park, accompanied by the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls. (7:30 p.m., suggested donation $10)

We hope you’ll come to the studio to share your practice with Nicole and that you’ll embrace her strong guidance and gentle spirit as much as we do!


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