Ways to Take Action


We cannot speak of unity and interconnectedness without actively working to bring about an equitable and just society. Our yoga demands it. Here are some ways you can take action:

Learn about the following organizations/initiatives and donate where you can or reach out and ask about other ways you can support and amplify their cause:

Justice for Breonna
The Action Network – Louisville Community Bail Fund
The Bail Project Louisville
Fair Fight Stacey Abrams’ initiative to fight for free and fair elections
8 Can’t Wait  a project by Campaign Zero to bring about change in police departments

Support or get involved with local organizations working for racial justice, equality, and support for BIPOC. They’re out there in almost every sector — health & wellness, the arts, business, athletics, you name it. Do a Google search to find one that speaks to you. Just a couple of our favorites…

Black Lives Matter Cleveland
Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition

Support Black-owned businesses. Here is a pretty wide-ranging list compiled by Cleveland.com. If you’re looking for a specific type of business or service and you don’t see anything on this list, ask around. 

Black Owned Businesses Cleveland Area

Work on yourself. Acknowledge your own biases (conscious and unconscious) and find ways to do better. Read books on the subject (there are plenty of them out there). Ask for help or advice if you need it, but don’t expect BIPOC to do all the work for you. It is hard work. It will be uncomfortable. But, it is vital.

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