Bolsters Are Coming Back!

We don’t know about you, but we LOVE bolsters, and we’ve missed being able to offer them in the studio. So, we’re beyond excited to announce that they are coming back! (Happy Dance)

Starting later this week, studio bolsters will be available during class with additional slipcovers for an extra layer of protection in the form of large, color-coordinated pillowcases — purple for the purple bolsters, orange for orange, etc. If you’d like to borrow a bolster during class, take one of the matching pillow covers and place it over the bolster before use. After class, remove the additional cover and place it in the laundry bin with used blankets. Just like the blankets, all pillow covers will be laundered and sanitized after each use. (The bolsters in their original covers will be steam cleaned and wiped with a safe disinfectant.)

As always, you are comprar esteroides online espaƱa welcome and encouraged to bring your own props from home. If you’re interested in purchasing your own bolster — either to bring to the studio or use at home — they are available from a number of yoga-specific online retailers, as well as Amazon. (One of our favorites is OR, use what you have at home. A large pillow or stack of pillows is a great option. You can even grab a cushion off your couch! Seriously! Almost anything that provides cushioning and support can make a great yoga bolster.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about bolsters or any of the studio props.

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