A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution



When I was younger, I was all about the New Year’s Resolutions.  “This is the year I will finally…”

  • learn to play the guitar
  • brush up on my French
  • learn to ride a motorcycle
  • find true love
  • lose those extra pounds…

Perhaps, you can relate.

I didn’t always keep them. I mean, I did learn to play the guitar at a basic level. No one would ever mistake me for Eddie Van Halen (may he rest well). I do speak better French than I did in high school, but would likely fumble a good bit in conversation with a native French speaker. I found the right partner, but I’ve also learned that “true love” is not something you find. It’s something you have to work at consistently. And, the motorcycle and the extra pounds? Well, let’s not talk about that.

The older I get, the wearier I grow with New Year’s Resolutions. I’m still a firm believer in setting goals, having dreams. I just find the “new year, new you” mindset troublesome. What if I don’t succeed – or what if it takes much longer than a year? What if I start down a path and then discover it’s not right for me? What if I never lose that weight or learn to ride a motorcycle? Does that mean I’ve failed? If I’m still the same me that I was last year, am I less valuable?

Perhaps we need to stop thinking of ourselves as things that need to be fixed. Maybe it’s time we explored what it feels like to love ourselves exactly as we are and let goals and dreams be just that…goals and dreams. We place so much of our self worth on achievement and end result that we often fail to enjoy the journey.

I am more than my job or my skill set. I am more than a number on a scale or jeans size. I am valuable with or without my life partner. I AM ENOUGH. As is. Right here, right now. And, so are you.

Love yourself. Take up tennis or hiking or needlepoint (or whatever) just because you want to. Because it’s fun! Go after that promotion at work, new job, degree, certification, etc. You deserve it. But, you also deserve to know that your value isn’t solely based on your work. Move your body in ways that inspire you and make you happy. Eat the cake! 

Life is short. Be present for the journey. Find your middle path. And, remember to let yourself rest every once in a while. That’s living your yoga beyond the mat!



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