Studio Spots Filling Up for Sound Bath with Becky Hopp



Studio spots are filling up! Snag your reservation while we still have space!


Join Becky Hopp of With a Grateful Hopp Wellness for a soothing 60-minute sound bath to welcome the spring equinox. Immerse yourself in the healing powers of sound. Using the highest grade Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, you will go on a relaxing journey that will help with stress, tension, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, grief, physical pain and addiction. This is done through the waves of sound which calm the nervous system and balance the subtle body. Prepare to leave feeling refreshed, radiant, and glowing from the inside out.

Saturday, March 20th @ 11:00 a.m.
$35 investment

Only four studio spots remain. There is also a live, online option available if you prefer to join us from home. Register here.


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