COVID-19 Policy Update

As Ohio’s COVID-19 related health orders are set to be rescinded on June 2nd, we are implementing a few policy changes while others are staying as is. Here’s what to expect:

Beginning on June 2nd, you may choose whether or not to wear a mask in the studio. We welcome all choices and encourage you to do what feels best to you. Masks will be also be optional for staff. We will not be asking anyone to disclose their vaccination status. Remember that we are all weathering the same storm but may be in different boats. Be mindful of your fellow students and teachers and choose kindness. Always. 


For the time being, we are continuing to require pre-registration for all classes. However, the time limits are shifting a bit:

Pre-registration will remain open until class begins, as long as there is at least one student signed up for that class. If there are no sign-ups as of one hour before class start time, pre-registration will be closed for both the studio and online option.

If there are students registered online but not in the studio at the one-hour cutoff, only the online class will take place, and that registration will remain open until class begins. If no one is registered for the online class, but there is at least one student signed up to come to the studio, both studio and online registration will remain open until class begins. If there are zero registrations as of the one-hour cutoff, that class will be cancelled.

Payment is required at the time of registration, and all waivers will continue to be completed electronically.


We will be upping the class cap a bit to allow more folks to attend in person, but we aren’t going to full capacity just yet. The online class option will be continuing indefinitely. We will no longer specify mat placement in the studio. However, we do ask that everyone be mindful of their own personal space, as well as that of their fellow students. As we continue to offer online classes, please be aware of the camera and teacher’s Zoom screen when choosing where to set up for class.

Until we receive permission from the building owner to resume using the upstairs lockers, they will remain closed. Please leave valuables at home, if possible, and bring only essential personal belongings into the studio room (keys, wallet, phone, water bottle, etc.). Phones must be turned off during class.


As always, students are welcome to bring their own props to class. Studio props, including mats, are available to borrow and cleaning/sanitation procedure will be as follows:

  • If you borrow a studio mat or blocks, you must wipe them down after class.
  • Borrowed studio blankets and straps will be laundered after each use. Place those items in the tall laundry hamper after class.
  • When borrowing a bolster, please use one of the extra pillow covers. Place the pillow cover in the laundry hamper when putting the bolster away.

We will continue to deep clean both the studio and bathroom, as well as wipe down surfaces frequently.


If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or are otherwise feeling ill or contagious, we ask that you don’t come to class. If you must miss class due to illness or emergency, we are happy to issue you a refund or credit for a future class.

If you have any questions or concerns about the June 2nd policy changes, don’t hesitate to reach out via or 216-243-1291. Thank you so much for hanging in there with us over the past year. We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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