Tee Shirt Fundraiser for Onsite Laundry

Once upon a time…

We didn’t wash or sanitize the studio props after every single use. (Shudder.) Everything would get a deep cleaning every once in a while, but prop sanitation was not an everyday occurrence. COVID-19 changed all that. And while, it’s definitely a change for the better and something we plan to continue, it’s become apparent that we need laundry access in the firehouse to keep the process running efficiently and ensure that we always have clean, safe props available for every student, every class.

So, once again, we’ve partnered with Custom Ink to launch a tee shirt fundraiser. Last year’s campaign to help cover some of our COVID losses was such a success, we figured why not try it again? This time we’re raising money to bring onsite laundry to the firehouse.

We have Firehouse Yoga tee shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts available in a variety of styles. Custom Ink will handle the printing and shipping. You can have your shirt shipped directly to you for a small fee, or you can choose to have the shirt shipped to the studio for pickup. All shirts will go to print and ship at the end of the fundraising campaign. (We expect them to arrive by mid October.)

Visit our Custom Ink fundraising page, order yourself some FH Yoga gear, and help us continue to keep yoga safe and accessible for everyone! Campaign runs through October 1st.

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