Reiki & Yin Yoga – February 18th

with Nicole McLaughlin & Gina Tatsumi
Saturday, February 18th
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Early Registration:
By February 10th – $80
After February 10th – $90

Join us for a three hour self-care experience combining the energy healing practice of Reiki and the intentional, deep-stretching practice of Yin Yoga.

The workshop begins with an introduction to Reiki, a Japanese healing modality that works with our energy field. Gina will share how Reiki can help you bring balance to mind, body, and spirit to help promote healing. In addition to Reiki you will also learn about incorporating some essential oils and gems & crystals to move your energy.

The afternoon concludes with a full Yin Yoga practice, longer-held, deep stretches with a focus on connective tissue – joints, ligaments, fascia – and connection to deep, intentional breath. Before the practice, Nicole will share a bit about the roots of Yin Yoga and its benefits, as well as demonstrate how props can be used to support the postures.

During the Yin practice, Gina will offer a Reiki sample to each student and an essential oil anointing (if desired). Reserve your spot here.

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