New at The Firehouse: Yoga Therapy with Angela Sanders

We’re excited to announce that our Restorative Yoga teacher, Angela Sanders, is completing her certification¬†for Yoga Therapy and will be offering her services at Firehouse Yoga.

Yoga Therapy is a broad practice that promotes well-being, and Angela’s specialties are chronic pain relief and stress reduction. This program will be ideal for anyone with long-term pain and/or stress management issues.

Appointments will be available to work one-on-one with Angela, AND we’ll be offering a sneak peek of the program this summer via a four-part workshop series beginning June 30th. The workshop will consist of small group-style yoga therapy sessions, each one offering a sample of Angela’s “Relief Series” including:

1. Knee Relief

2. Hip and Low Back Relief

3. Neck and Shoulder Relief

4. Stress and Anxiety Relief

Registration will open soon, and the workshop will be limited to four participants. So, reserve your spot as soon as it becomes available!

If you have any questions about the workshop or one-on-one sessions, please reach out to the studio (or email Angela directly at