Relief with Yoga Therapy: A Four-Part Series with Angela Sanders

Join us for a small group introduction to our new Yoga Therapy offerings

As Angela brings her Yoga Therapy expertise to the firehouse, we wanted to offer folks a sneak peek and overview of her approach and the benefits of this specialty practice.

Over the course of four 60- minute sessions, Angela will present her Relief Series, with each session highlighting a specific type of relief that yoga therapy can offer. The series is designed to give participants an idea of what her one-on-one services can provide, as well as offer helpful movements and techniques that can be used at home.

An added bonus is the chance to make new friends with folks who are dealing with similar issues, such as chronic pain or stress and anxiety.

The four sessions are as follows:
• Session 1: Knee Relief
• Session 2: Hip and Low Back Relief
• Session 3: Neck and Shoulder Relief
• Session 4: Stress and Anxiety Relief

Sessions will take place every other week to give participants a chance to digest information and implement the exercises at home. Dates are June 30th, July 14th, July 28th, and August 11th, and sessions begin at noon.

Registration fee is $225 and includes all four sessions. This will be a small group series limited to four participants. So claim your spot now!