The Firehouse




A little bit about the history of our unique home…

1926 – With the city of Lakewood growing and a need to expand the fire department, City Council purchased the property on Hopkins Ave. and made plans for the construction of a new engine house.

1927 – Engine House No. 3 officially began service, with two officers and eight firemen transferred from Engine House No. 1.

1975 – After a new station was built on Clifton Blvd., Engine House No. 3 was closed, and the space was rented to Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival (now Great Lakes Theater) to be used as office space and costume storage.

1991 – Great Lakes Theater purchased the building, and although they eventually moved their administrative office to Playhouse Square, the company’s costume shop remained in the old firehouse for several years.

2005 – Great Lakes Theater sold the firehouse to Rockport Square, and it served as the sales office during the first two phases of townhome construction. After construction was complete, the firehouse became the community center for Rockport Square residents.

2014 – While the first floor of the firehouse was being reserved for parties and family gatherings, Rockport residents, Molly and Linda Bondellio, noticed that the front room upstairs (originally the bunk room) was going unused. So, they obtained permission to use the upstairs space for practice during completion of their 200-hour yoga teacher training. Upon certification, they began offering a few classes, and that’s how Firehouse Yoga was born!

Today – Molly and fellow teacher/Rockport resident, Nicole McLaughlin-Lublin, continue to organize weekly classes in the upstairs studio. It is their goal that Engine House No. 3 not only remains a neighborhood gem, but also becomes an integral part of the Lakewood yoga community.