Ways to Take Action

Ways to Take Action

  We cannot speak of unity and interconnectedness without actively working to bring about an equitable and just society. Our yoga demands it. Here are some ways you can take action: Learn about the following organizations/initiatives and donate where you can or reach out and 

Why Yoga? – Nicole Tuzzio-Rheinberger

In honor of National Yoga Month, we’ve decided to share our “why”…why we came to our mats in the first place, why we continue to practice, why we’re passionate about sharing yoga with others. Today, Firehouse Yoga teacher, Nicole R. explains why she continues to 

Imperfect Yogi

Confession: I am an imperfect yogi. I do not have the body that Hollywood or the fashion & fitness magazines would deem ideal for one who practices and teaches yoga. I haven’t mastered every single asana. In fact, there are some that I haven’t even