Class Descriptions

Firehouse Yin Class

* Unless otherwise noted in the description, Firehouse Yoga classes are appropriate for all levels. Modifications can be offered for beginning practitioners, as well as those who would like more challenge.

Additional teacher-specific class descriptions may be found on the MindBody schedule.

Vinyasa – Vinyasa (sometimes called “Vinyasa Flow” or simply “Flow”) links movement of the body with breath. Inhales and exhales inform the transition from one posture to the next within a series or sequence. The pace can be faster than in a Hatha class, and as Hatha focuses on each posture individually, in Vinyasa the emphasis is on flowing movements. Attention is paid to alignment, and modifications/props may be offered to either assist or provide more challenge.

Yin – Yin is the practice of stilling both the body and mind through long held stretches (usually 2-5 minutes), mostly practiced on the floor. Yin targets the connective tissues and joints, opening up parts of the body that often need the most attention. A focus on deep breathing will also help to cultivate relaxation. Various meditation techniques may be used during Yin as well.

Yin-Yasa –  Combination class. Half the time will be devoted to Vinyasa practice, linking flowing movements with breath. The other half will be devoted to the practice of Yin, floor postures with long, slow holds to open up the joints and connective tissues.

Yin/Yang – Combination class. Based on the ancient Chinese principles of Yin (passive & restorative) and Yang (flowing and energetic), time will be devoted to both Yang, a steady flowing, fluid practice using the rhythm of the breath and influenced by the movements of Qi Gong, and the deep stretching practice of Yin.

Bhakti Yin – In Bhakti Yin, we utilize a repetitive mantra to bring peace and stillness to the mind.  You will learn about the mantra or chant and it’s intended purpose, including any gods/goddesses associated with the mantra.  Class will begin with 108 repetitions of the mantra, and may include use of hand mudras. The chanting work will take place during a physical Yin practice, which targets the joints and connective tissues of the body.  Yin postures are held for 2 – 5 minutes and are all floor poses.  This class is perfect for any level of practitioner.  Use of a Mala is appropriate for this class, so bring one if you like.

Yogatta Give Back – An all-levels, vinyasa practice, where modifications and options for each pose will be offered. Through breath work, meditation and asana the goal is for students to leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed. This class is $12 per person and $2 from each drop-in fee will go to a local non-profit. (This class takes place every other Thursday evening and every 2nd and 4th Sunday morning, unless otherwise noted.)