Forest Moon Yoga with Amanda R. Howland

Forest Moon Yoga is a peaceful class intended to help students discover bliss, balance the mind-body, and learn how to tap powerful inspiration. The pace is gentle enough for beginners and also engrossing enough for experienced students. People are invited to come to class in their wholeness, complete with joys and sorrows, agitation and curiosity. The class begins with breath work, visualization, and meditation. Next, students are guided to feel into their bodies and allow their breath to lead them through gentle movements that bring ease and sensation to embodiment before returning to meditation. By alternating between movement and meditation, people can find peace and clarity in their thinking and feeling selves. Nature is an important element of the class. Forest imagery in harmony with the cycles of the moon is weaved throughout the practice. Students can use these methods in their lives to help ride out anxiety or cultivate their artistic power. Forest Moon Yoga is a holistic experience that leaves the body, energy and mood glowing with loving awareness. 

No prior yoga experience needed.