Fundraiser for Onsite Laundry

Once upon a time…

We didn’t wash or sanitize the studio yoga props after each use. Yoga blocks would get washed a few times a year. Occasionally, I would take the yoga blankets home and launder them. Exactly one time in the studio’s history, I wrestled off all of the bolster covers and laundered them. I needed an extra set of hands and muscle to wrestle the clean covers back on. (After that, I decided to simply steam clean the bolsters whole. Again, only once in a while.) After a student or teacher used a studio prop, it was put back on the shelf or blanket stack as is. Now living in the time of COVID, I shudder when I think about that.

The studio has since adopted stricter prop cleaning procedures. Blocks are sanitized after each use. Blankets and yoga straps are laundered after each use. We now keep a basket of x-large pillow cases and require that one be used whenever a student or teacher borrows a bolster. Those pillow cases are then laundered after use, and the bolster is steamed. Everything runs fairly smoothly, except for one thing…I have to take laundry home with me multiple times a week.

The picture you see below is one day’s worth of studio laundry. ONE DAY. Three classes. Granted, there’s not that much laundry every single day. Each class is a little bit different, and students and teachers will utilize different props, depending on the day. Still, with classes seven days a week, it adds up. It’s a lot of lugging laundry offsite, loading and unloading my car, doing the laundry during non-studio hours in conjunction with family time and other obligations. It’s become overwhelming.

The good news is, since the building itself used to be a costume shop for a professional theater company, there is already laundry hookup access in the basement. I just need to provide working machines and on-site supplies, plus calculate with the landlords how much the rent will increase with greater utility use. I would also like to purchase a UV Light sanitizer for the yoga studio room for an extra level of protection.

All of this is doable with your help. This fiscal year has been better than 2020, for which I’m incredibly grateful. It is also true that recovery has been slower than I’d like it to be, which is something I know many small businesses are facing in 2021. So how can you help? Buy some Firehouse Yoga swag!

Grab yourself a tee shirt, sweatshirt, or tank and show off your own unique yoga body in support of the studio. You’ll be helping us continue to provide welcoming and accessible yoga for ALL bodies, and keeping things clean and safe in the process!

Thank you for reading and considering this request!

~ Nicole

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