La Mer Yoga with Amanda Howland

La Mer Yoga is an all-levels class composed of small waves of movement, stillness, and meditation. Cycling through repetitions of dynamic asanas, static asanas, and inward practice allows a comprehensive massage of the body and mind. Returning again and again to brief periods of meditation allows greater access to this state of mind in daily life. Visualization and music are used to inspire the inner life. Stillness and silence bring us to a blissful state of truth in being. Students may at times feel as if they are gently swimming on their mats. Sensing into the body and breath, students are free to experience and digest whatever feelings arise, and hopefully come to a residing place of joy. No prior yoga experience needed.

La Mer Yoga takes place both in the studio and online via Zoom. All safety protocols set forth by the Ohio Department of Health will be observed in the studio.

Masks are required in the studio.