Meet Our Teachers

Nicole McLaughlin – Owner
Nicole first came to yoga in search of way to deal with anxiety. As she continued to practice, not only did she gain more of a sense of calm, but she also noticed that yoga’s physical and spiritual benefits were transforming many areas of her life — both personal and professional. That’s what inspired her to teach. In 2015, Nicole earned her 200-hour certification with Pink Lotus Yoga in Lakewood, and she recently completed her 300-hour training with Dianne Bondy, with a focus on accessibility, special populations, and social justice & equity. She continuously seeks ways to learn and grow, both as a teacher and practitioner. Nicole believes that yoga is for everybody and that everybody’s yoga journey is personal. She seeks to offer a safe and fun environment for others to develop their own practice and connect with their community. Away from the mat, she’s a wife, caregiver, dog & cat mom, and cool aunt. She’s a fierce pit bull advocate, sometimes theater artist, die-hard KISS fan, and dreamer. 


Katie Clair
Katie completed her 200 hour yoga teaching certification in 2015 at Pink Lotus Yoga. She teaches both Vinyasa and Hatha with heavy focus on alignment and accessibility for all bodies. She is a licensed massage therapist and her passion for full-body wellness informs her teaching and personal practice. Katie has completed several hours of continuing education past her 200 hour certification and has trained with teachers including Dianne Bondy, Amber Karnes, and Jason Crandell. Katie’s love of music seeps into her classes by way of eclectic playlists and her favorite specialty class Downward Facing Doom, which is a class set entirely to heavy metal music. When she’s not on the mat or at the massage table you can find her spoiling her two rescue Pit Bulls, watching horror movies with her husband, or tending to her garden and growing collection of houseplants. 


Amanda R. Howland
Yoga is sacred and central to Amanda’s life. She has been practicing and studying yoga for twenty years. Yoga is both her rock and her font of inspiration. She completed her 200-hour certification with Yoga Central in Canton and appreciates having learned from her wonderful teachers how to share the practice with others, so that they may learn to feel into their breathing bodies and cultivate communication with their inner heart-wisdom. Amanda has developed Forest Moon Yoga, which is a class gentle enough for beginners, yet engrossing enough for experienced students. Amanda incorporates breath work, nature imagery, and other meditative techniques in her classes. Her experiences as a writer and experimental musician inform her teaching, as she is inspired by the interplay between yoga awareness and creative flow. 


Jessica Pizzuli
Jessica has been practicing yoga for over 7 yrs. What started out as a journey to help an old back injury caused in the military, and worsened during pregnancy, she tried prenatal yoga. She has completed over 200hrs YTT, at Bliss for EveryBody Yoga with Julie Brown, including special instruction by Prem Sadasivananda. She has a close and strong Sivananda lineage. Jess is a RYT, registered with Yoga Alliance. She’s taught at Studio 11, for private clients, and online classes. Jessica says yoga has changed her life. She tries her best to bring the yogic lifestyle and philosophy to her everyday life. Jessica’s style of teaching is lighthearted and empowering. She believes your voice is a powerful tool and laughter is good for the soul. In a class with Jess, you’ll find detailed cueing for alignment, a focus on movement with breath, and an interest in each students needs for that specific day and where they are at. Jess says “ I Om, I chant, I give tons of encouragement. I don’t take life too seriously. I want to create a freeing space for each individual student to meet their body where they’re at on any given day, with no pressure on themselves. “


Angela Sanders
Years ago, my yoga teacher told me I was “born” to be a yoga teacher, and I’ve never doubted since that this is what I want to do! I’m an RYT-500 who has been leading yoga classes and workshops in the Cleveland area for five years. I love to help my clients and students find themselves on their mats. It’s an honor to create beautiful spaces for people to simply be. I am also a trauma-informed yoga teacher and a gestalt professional coach. 


Ana Marie Velez
I am a 500hr RYT and I love to share the practice of yoga with anyone willing to receive it. My personal practice and teachings are centered around Hatha yoga and Vinyasa style, always focusing on the breath. I am dedicated to the growth and development of the practice, both on and off the mat. After discovering the practice about 10 years ago, I was instantly drawn to the ancient practice, and I continue to be fascinated by its rich history, physical rigor, and mental stimulation.

In addition to yoga and meditation instruction, Ana has also studied Ayurveda and is certified in Thai Yoga Massage.


Leo Walsh 
Leo has been practicing yoga for eight years. That practice led him to teaching, because he wanted to tell others how much yoga could help them but thought it would be a bad idea to give such advice without the proper credentials. (Would a doctor give a patient advice without years of training?) He completed 200hr Ananda Bhakti Hatha Yoga teacher training with Denys Morgan and Julie Brown and now teaches a Hatha-style Vinyasa class that he’s named “Leoga.” His great love of yoga combined with a love of music and humorous approach to teaching makes his class unique. Please join him for a union of body, spirit, and mind, as you engage on your mat for an enjoyable yoga journey!