Meet Our Teachers


Molly Bondellio – Founder
Molly has been practicing yoga for eight years and received her 200 hour teaching certificate through Pink Lotus Yoga in July 2014. It was the benefits of the physical practice that originally brought her to the mat but the recognition of yoga as a total healing practice that kept her coming back. Molly firmly believes that there is a style of yoga for everyone and that through a consistent practice, change happens. She is passionate about the origins and principles of yoga and incorporates meditation, mantra practice, and ancient Hindu mythology, among other disciplines, into her practice.

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Nicole McLaughlin-Lublin – Studio Manager
Nicole McL first came to yoga in search of way to ease stress and anxiety. As her practice advanced, not only did she gain more of a sense of calm, but also noticed that yoga’s physical and spiritual benefits were transforming many areas of her life, both personal and professional. That’s what inspired her to teach. She completed her 200-hour certification with Pink Lotus Yoga in Lakewood and continues to seek ways to learn and grow, both as a teacher and practitioner. Nicole believes that yoga is for everybody and that everybody’s yoga journey is personal. She seeks to offer a safe and fun environment for others to develop their own practice and discover yoga’s life-changing benefits for themselves. Away from the mat, she’s an actor, singer, French cooking enthusiast, die-hard KISS fan, and dreamer. 

Jacquelyn Daukšs
Jacquelyn began practicing yoga off and on about 10 years ago. After becoming a stay at home mom to 2 young kids, she needed something just for her. She recommitted to her practice and enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training program. She completed an Ashtanga focused training program in November of 2018. She enjoys teaching students of all levels and abilities and strives to make her classes accessible, inclusive, and welcoming to all who attend. She believes yoga can benefit anyone who is open to it!

Catherine Donley
Catherine started practicing yoga in 2014 after a diagnosis of chronic pain. In search for strength, restoration, flexibility, and fearlessness, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program with One Love Yoga in Kent, Ohio. She likes to combine the elements of creative sequencing, playfulness, and passion to deepen the practice in her instruction. Her hope is to invite others to find restoration, balance, and freedom through yoga.

Varsha Vydyula
Varsha is a visual artist, yoga practitioner and teacher. Yoga has always been an integral part of her life, keeping her light, centered, and positive. While she will always be a student of yoga, it is her joy to spread yoga education to fellow practitioners. She is classically trained in Krishnamacharya’s yoga tradition and a certified yoga teacher with the International Yoga Academy.  She formally studied Hatha yoga in Asana Andiappan College in Chennai, India and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Shala, Chennai. 

Becky Young Todd
Becky began practicing yoga six years ago. At the time, she was mainly looking to gain strength and heal lower back pain while stretching her body. After falling in love with yoga, she decided to take teacher training from Free Life People in 2017. While she enjoys a fast paced, sweaty, tough yoga practice, she has learned more about body awareness and when to challenge oneself and when to have self-compassion. Her classes are breath and alignment-based, combining emphasis on alignment with flow. She hopes you will leave feeling equally energized and peaceful. She would love to share strong classes with you in the hopes that you will leave feeling as strong, balance, and joyful as she feels when she practices.