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Sign up for Full Online Membership and enjoy unlimited access to all of our live Zoom classes, as well as an archive of previous classes that you can watch anytime, anywhere!

$30 per month
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Once your membership is active, you can join us live via Zoom by visiting our Schedule page and registering for the Online option of the class you wish to attend. Once registered, you will be emailed a link for that specific class. To access the on-demand classes, visit the Video Class Archive under the Classes tab. Archived classes are listed by week, and you can navigate the calendar using the </> icons.

Full Online Membership is automatically renewed each month. May be cancelled at anytime. Just let us know at least 3 business days before your next renewal date, so we can be sure to stop the transaction. 

If you’re someone who wants the option to join a live class from home with the chance to interact with the instructor PLUS the freedom to choose an on-demand video and practice anytime that works for you, sign up today!

* If you already have one of our original, non-renewal 30-day passes, your current pass will expire as expected without forcing you into an automatic renewal. If you wish to continue with an unlimited online pass, all new Full Online Membership purchases will be automatic renewal as of September 1st.