Workshops & Events



Down Dog for City Dogs is Back in the Studio!



Sunday, June 27th @ noon
In person & online via Zoom
$10 donation – ALL of it goes to City Dogs!

After a long year (and then some), we’re excited to offer an in person option for this monthly benefit class once again. Join us in the studio or join us at home for a light-hearted, beginner -friendly practice for a good cause.

Plus, since she helped fund one of the vaccines that is allowing us to gather in person again, we thought it was only fitting to carry over May’s playlist honoring the one and only Dolly Parton! (May was a small group, and all agreed that a do-over was in order.) Nicole has her favorite Dolly tunes ready to go, and as always, she’ll make them available via Spotify and Apple Music for those who are joining us from home. 

All funds go to Friends of City Dogs Cleveland to support their mission of providing for the dogs at Cleveland Animal Care and Control, including medical care, daily enrichment activities, and support for the CITY DOGS adoption and volunteer programs. 

We can’t wait to see all your faces again!

Register here.



Sound Bath & Restorative Yoga in July


You won’t want to miss this! Nicole is teaming up with Becky Hopp of With a Grateful Heart Wellness for a combination Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath experience. 

Sunday, July 11th @ 6:00 p.m.
In studio or online
$45 investment ($35 for studio members)

Immerse yourself in the healing power of sound while relaxing the body into fully supported restorative yoga poses using props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks. Using her Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, Becky will take you on a relaxing journey that can help with things like stress, tension, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, grief, physical pain and addiction…and Nicole will make sure you’re super relaxed and comfortable for the experience.

Studio space is limited and pre-registration is required. 

Register here.